Can I Play PUBG After Banned In India – How To Play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds After Banned

Can I Play PUBG After Banned In India :- We all know that the government of india has banned the pubg game in india, a lot of people are happy and a lot of people are getting sad. Will be able to play after banned. So in today’s article, I am going to tell you whether you will be able to play pubg game after being banned in india.

If you guys are crazy about the pubs, then this information is going to be very important for you because I am going to tell you all the things in this article, why the pubg mobile game banned in india and can we play the pubg mobile after banned.

Why the Pubg Mobile Game Banned in India?

There are a lot of reasons for the pubg mobile game to be banned, none of the obvious reasons have been known because the government of india has kept these things secret, but some people believe that pubg mobile game banned because of india’s security. Has been done because india believes that pubg mobile game, pubg users’ data was leaked to china

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One thing can be this and the other thing is that much of pubg was played in india which is our young students and who are students and children. They was becoming a victim of pubg game badly. Many people complained about pubg. The game was not stopped so many parents that their child is engaged in pubg always keeps playing pubg, so it can also be a reason that you will not be able to play pubg game.

How To Play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds After Banned

Now let’s talk about those who are very upset with the closure of pubg, a lot of people think that we can play even after the pubg is banned and a lot of students are still searching how to play the pubg now.

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So if you have a little knowledge about technology then you must know that when a game is closed, how it is closed and what technology is used behind it is well known now. So you will know that we cannot play PUBG game with the help of anyone. Many people think that we can play PUBG game through virtual private server ie VPS.

But it is not so friends, because you can also download pubg games with the help of vpn, but when it comes to using the internet, wherever you use the internet, like jio, idea, vodafone, pubg from airtel the id of the game has been blocked that you people can never open the ip of the pubg game in your phone. This is the reason why we cannot play pubg in our phone.

क्या Pubg Game का बंद होना सही है

Now we talk about the Government of India closing the Pubg Game, is this the right decision
I am going to tell you my opinion that I think this is correct and if yes why
According to me, if we look at India’s security, then it is correct to shut down the Pubg Game because China is collecting information of Indians that what most Indians do is what they like to do.

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And the youth of India, who are spending their time in the thing, in the Pubg Game, it is collecting all kinds of information, China is aware of our moment by moment, then it is a very bad thing for us because it Is getting to know about us so that it is becoming more alert and powerful

And if you think from a different point of view, the closure of Pubg Game is wrong because a lot of people used to play Pubg Game to earn money because they used to put videos of Pubg Game on YouTube and different places through which they make a lot of money. And after the closure of the Pubg Game everything has stopped completely.

So what will those people do now because a lot of these things were happening in India, a lot of people thought their future in this thing

Government of India should think about it

Last word

According to me, whatever has happened is correct, but if Pubg Game goes ahead and claims to leave China and re-launch Pubg Game with India or any country, then Pubg Game can run again in India.

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